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Stacking the Shelves #56

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Hello, dear readers! : )

How are you? What have you read lately? How is school/job going? 

I feel very weird lately, like mentaly tired, because the end of semester is coming and we all know how teachers are and how many papers and projects and portfolios we have to do. I get a huge headache just thinking about it. I mean, these days I'm free from university but I can't relax, because so many projects have to be done and finished the new few weeks. 

And also that's why I haven't been reading much and posting much, apart from the promotional posts. I can't wrap my head around reading or even buying books, because I say to myself 'why buy them know if I'd read them months from now.' 

But still, let'see what I got and what I remember that I got, cause sometimes I just forget to include all the books:


Recieved for review/blogtour(s)/from author(s):

So, this is for me this time. What you've bought recently? What you've received? And also, a question for you - do you buy your books but also do you use NetGalley and participate in tours? Are you like me with a tons of TBRs? :)) How you deal with them? 

Crina @Reading Addict

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Lekeisha spunea...

I really want to read the Hashtag series. Nice haul!

Danielle Meek spunea...

You got so many great books this week! I love Cambria Hebert and the Hashtag series is one of my favorites!! Happy reading :)
Danielle @ Life With Two Boys

Milka spunea...

The Christmas titles look very exciting!
I have Thicker than Water too, but I think I will wait to read it after the Christmas period is over, because I am now fully dedicated to Christmas related posts. :)
Thanks for stopping by at my blog earlier :)

Latte Nights Reviews spunea...

The Distance Between Us is really cute! I enjoyed it.
I didn't know Bella Thorne had written books! Wow, that's great. It's like a quadruple threat (dancer, actor, singer, writer). I hope you enjoy them :)

Bambi Unbridled spunea...

Oh I am reviewing A Kindled Winter too - its on the schedule to read next week I think. Hope you enjoy it!

My StS: http://bambi-unbridled.blogspot.com/2015/11/stackin-shelves-12.html

Nikki Walters spunea...

Looks like a good haul! I hope you enjoy 'em.

Shell spunea...

Ooo. I really enjoyed Kasie West's books. I've read the three you have here, but I still need to get the other contemporaries she has out. She has a great way of writing YA relationships and I'm excited to get my hands on another book of hers. I hope you enjoy them! XD

And thanks for stopping by the blog!

Rachelle @ Shell's Stories

Sam Frost spunea...

I've had pivot point sitting on my kindle for ages now! I'm hoping to get to it soon. Thanks for stopping by my STS the other day!

Laura at 125Pages spunea...

Nice haul! Hope school finishes up quickly so you can get to reading. :) My Weekly Wrap-Up

Alyssa Susanna spunea...

I looooove Kasie West's books! So far, I'm five for five with her novels. She has a new one publishing this year - so excited! And I love Brigid Kemmerer's books too - reading that one soon! I hope you enjoy all of your new books!

Have a fabulous week. :)

Check out my STS post!

Lexxie Lin spunea...

I hope you'll be able to get in the right mood to get all your papers done, Crina! I'm in the same situation as you... only two and a half weeks left of the semester, a presentation in class next Friday, three papers to write and a written exam. My papers are due in the beginning of January.
Your new books look great! The only one I've read is The Distance Between Us and I really enjoyed it.
Have a wonderful week and happy reading.
Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

chucklesthescot spunea...

There's nothing worse than not feeling well enough to read. I went through a couple of spells earlier in the year of feeling too tired to read and it was horrible. I hope you feel better soon.

Eileen spunea...

All the YES to Kasie West books! She's my auto-buy author so I really hope you'll enjoy all her books :D

Elizabeth Rodriguez spunea...

The Distance Between Us was really good, I hope you like it too :)

Laurie Carlson spunea...

I sure HOPE you got the LAST of your college papers and projects done so you can read THESE books now!! GREAT haul!!!
My eyes keep going over to the book, A Kindred Winter! I'll have to look up the author! It looks like a Christmas book, too! You know how I LOVE Christmas books!! Enjoy!!