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Blog Tour - Intermix Nation by M.P. Attardo - REVIEW

Intermix Nation by M.P. Attardo 
Publication date: March 5th 2013 
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult


Intermix: to mix together, blend

North America, paragon of diversity, is gone. From its ashes, a new nation has arisen – Renatus – where the government segregates the surviving population into races, forbidding interracial marriage, mating, and love.

Eighteen-year-old Nazirah Nation is a pariah, an intermix, born of people from different races. When her parents are murdered in the name of justice, Nazirah grudgingly joins the growing rebellion fighting against the despotic government.

Overwhelmed with grief, consumed by guilt, Nazirah craves vengeance as a substitute for absolution. But on her journey to find the girl she once was, Nazirah must learn the hard way that nothing … no one … is purely black or white. Like her, every human is intermix, shades and hues of complex emotions. And those who can take everything away are also the ones who can give everything back.



M.P. Attardo is a twenty-something, part-time writer, full-time daydreamer. She has a college degree … is still trying to figure out what ever to do with it. She loves amateur baseball commentating, heckling, and overindulging. And putting her bizarre, gritty thoughts into words for all to read.

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I received this book for a honest review and as a part of the tour! Thanks! :)

I should say that I was intrigued by the book from the start: the cover is intrguing, the title, and the discription. I like to read dystopies, but even more I like stand-alones, and good books. And when this three are in one book I just can't resist. So, I had expectations, not so many but they were, I wanted to like the much as much as I like it at first sight, and I was't dissapointed. 

This is a book that have everything in it: action, a interesting world, good shaped characters, suspence, romance, no love triangle, and is a stand-alone. For me all this atributes means a lot and they were acomplished so well, that when it ended I was sad, cause I wanted more. So, you need to read it, I want to hear from more people about this book, cause in my opinion it worth it.

If you read my blog or my reviews then you know that I won't talk about what happens in the book, so no spoilers. You'll find out what happens if you read the book, alone. But you need to know that is a such a good book, I read it in one day, or should I say few hours, I couldn't let it down until I finished it. The story is so intriguing that everytime I had questions and questions and I wanted to know about the world, and the characters, and their lives, and everything. The world is bad, but in the same time the author make such a good job describing it, and individualizing each land or teritory. I felt that it was like a trilogy in one book, because it was so complex and it happend so many things that I even don't know which to start. 

About the characters, m, is hard to pick who I liked but I think my three favorite characters are Nazirah, Niko and Adamek. Nazirah is like a mix, because she's nice but if you upset her she punch you in the face, she's quiet but she talks a lot when she's angry, she's a fighter but she's vulnerable, and so on. I really liked her evolution through the book and how she changed and learned that things aren't just white and black, but grey too. About Niko I won't say too much, but even he's colder with his sister he protects her and help her and he's a good leader. Adamek...m, like Nazirah he's complicated but it intrigued me from the start and I need to say that he is a lot. A lot that you'll know if you read the book, and like that you'll find out that he's good or bad?

So, guys, if you like action, dystopia, interesting worlds, powerful characters, originality, stand-alones, then read this book. From me it worths a lot and I can put it beside other books or even series from the same genre, cause is amazing. Read it!


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Giselle spunea...

This sounds very character oriented read and I love that it's a stand alone! Great spoiler-free review!! :)